Reviews and feedback about Best Foot Forward protocol and training workshops

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      Thank you for having created a simple yet "magic" protocol that creates stunning results. One of my clients asked the first time she was introduced to the process if "I could revive the dead" !!! I love positive psychology and I am always looking for practical protocols to apply it. I have difficulty finding anything. Yours came as a wonderful gift. I am applying your protocol in four different languages - English, Spanish, French, and Turkish..
Thank you again and again.

Lilian Palachi, LMHC
Miami, Florida.

     Five years ago, learning EMDR transformed and revitalized my already busy thirty-one year private practice of psychotherapy. As if that was not enough, in February 2003, I had the good fortune to attend Krystyna Kinowski's "Put Your Best Foot Forward" workshop. I found her material to be so exciting, so original, and so user-friendly that I immediately put it to use with my clients. The results have been dramatic in a positive way, with little discomfort for either therapist or client. BFF enables clients to clearly identify and resolve difficulties that have previously seemed intractable. In addition, the process is often enjoyable, full of spontaneity and surprises.

Krys has developed a psychotherapeutic method that links up the inherent wisdom of the body with unconscious right brain imagery. Both of these powerful, non-rational tools combine to liberate clients from repetitive, undesired reactivity. They experience a shift in the geological plates under the psyche; things reconfigure inside and the person is liberated to achieve preferred behaviors that had been unattainable before. This protocol facilitates the capacity of body and soul to heal themselves in ways that are natural to the particular individual. As a therapist, I have felt honored and privileged to be able to offer my clients the gift of BFF.

Susan Hubbard, LSCW
EMDRIA certified in EMDR

     I took Dr. Kinowski's training this summer at the suggestion of Phil Manfield and found that he was right in his assessment that this is a wonderful protocol to use with clients who have difficulty in affect regulation. I have used several other resourcing protocols and find that this one flows very organically with clients, even fairly disorganized ones, and the clients display less confusion moving through it. They like it, it flows from their own processes and it stays with them. I think it would benefit other practitioners to have knowledge of Dr. Kinowski's protocol and website.

Barbara Maynard, MA, LMFT

     I want to recommend strongly that others acquaint themselves with her protocol. The thirty-five clinicians who attended the presentation were lavish in their praise for the presentation, especially the several hours of edited DVD video she used to illustrate the practical application of the procedure.
(Posted to the EMDR Institute electronic discussion list, Feb 5, 2003)

Philip Manfield, Ph.D.
Northern California Regional Coordinator
EMDRIA Institute Facilitator '91
EMDRIA Certified Consultant, Approved University Instructor
Editor, Extending EMDR: A casebook of innovative applications. (W.W.Norton, 1998)
EMDR Casebook (W.W.Norton, 2003)

      Warm thanks for your outstanding presentation at yesterday's workshop! The material was useful, clear, powerful, and empowering. I appreciated the depth of your background and the thoroughness of your clinical presentation as well as your personal warmth. Your clients are blessed to have you as their therapist and your colleagues to have you share your knowledge.

Thanks again!
All best to you,

Susan Borkin, M.A., Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
EMDRIA Certified in EMDR
Chair, EMDR & Writing SIG

      I am using your protocol to deepen the effectiveness of deep breathing, relaxation and meditation techniques. Last week a severely depressed 32 year old man visualized being in a dark room and gradually added icy-clad walls, a white lattice fence, gate and gazebo, a place he could retreat to when feeling anxious or stressed. A 10-year-old boy saw himself in a room surrounded by panels of mirrors, but one panel had all the things he likes being near (dad, stepmom, bike...) and these things were reflected beside him all around the room. I've never had this kind of success with visualization prior to learning your technique. Best wishes as you continue to expand upon and promote this wonderful tool.

Nancy Battilega, LPC. EMDR L2

      This mail is just to tell you that I downloaded your manual last week and spent my week-end reading it, and I used it with 5 clients with great results. I felt happy to find a protocol with such a clear focus in body processing because of my background in body psychotherapy (Reich) before EMDR. I also appreciate the resources being built from body experience through eidetic images, which is much more of a client centered approach than the other resource works I knew before. So, just thank you so much for this wonderful work you are developing.

Irene Trajtenberg

      Comments on workshop evaluation sheets:

"Clear, accessible, graspable. Well done!" Berkeley, 2003

"Excellent program - Krystyna is outstanding - knowledgeable, professional, approachable, kind, and articulate. Great job!" Berkeley, 2003

"Wonderful - insightful and extremely useful body of work - Thank you!" Boulder, 2003

"Your interest in human beings and open way of sharing your protocol development was a pleasure to see and hear. Thank you!" Boulder, 2003

"Deceptively subtle, ingenious, and STUNNING. This serendipitous intuitive application bypassing cognitive affect resistances and altering the social message pf a patient's stance and the somatosensory feedback validation of a pathological state. An epiphany, a paradigm shifting experience." San Diego, 2002

"Excellent - deserves one full day. Write the manual." (Because of this one comment, I did.) San Diego, 2002

"This protocol is brilliant in its organic simplicity." Berkeley, 2003

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