Victoria Therapy & Counselling Offices

The building shown in the sketch has several professional offices in it. It is a designated heritage building with two flights of stairs up to my office. Enter by the front door and use the telephone intercom to let me know you’ve arrived. There is two hour parking along Rockland.

Victoria BC Therapist Contact Info

    201-1005 Cook St.
    Victoria, BC
    Canada  V8V 3Z6

    (250) 380-0361


    Nervous about making your first appointment? Everyone is. It's normal. You are, after all, planning to go talk to a complete stranger about personal issues. So congratulate yourself on getting this far and try taking a small step, like e-mailing or phoning me. I listen to my voice mail everyday but I don't always turn on my computer. So if your issues are urgent, calling me will get a faster response than e-mail.

    For more information about the therapy protocol - Put Your Best Foot Forward - use the links at left.

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