Clinical Practice Manual - 2nd edition rev.

Put Your Best Foot Forward: An EMDR-related protocol for empowerment using visual and somatosensory priming of resource experiences

The theory and how-to of the protocol are contained in a 153 page manual, 8 " x 11". The second edition updates the database and includes a new chapter with case reports from other therapists. The manual's contents include:

  • the full text protocol
  • enough practical information so you can knowledgeably use it if you wish
  • a simplified record form for the client's file
  • two new ratings scales: Subjective Units of Body Safety( SUBS) and Rating of Confidence (RoC)
  • theoretical discussion of midbrain areas that I think are activated by the process
  • 13 tables of descriptive statistics, n= 40, 67 administrations of the protocol
  • stills taken from video of therapy sessions (with client permission, faces obscured)
  • colored illustrations of client imagery, key midbrain areas, and body diagrams summarizing different results
  • a 3 page table summarizing each of the protocol's eight stages from four operational factors - therapist mode of activity, information processing, somatosensory processing, and conjectured neural activation
  • more than 15 cases are described in whole or in part, 8 from other therapists

    Please note that this is not controlled research but a reasonably systematic study of a single, specified procedure repeated with many clients. The protocol is in the early stages of wider use by other EMDR therapists. Its clinical decision points continue to be clarified with ongoing analysis of its outcomes, limits, and validity. A casebook is planned because there is now a rich accumulation of clinical material. I am very grateful for any outcome data you may care to send me and all such feedback will be appropriately credited.

    Table of Contents & Abstract from the front of the Manual

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